Jun 24, 2009


So there we were, ready to begin our conquest of Ulduar, just looking to down a few bosses before we get some good attempts in at General Vezax and maybe even Yogg'Saron tomorrow. When out of the blue, our raid leader, Aravic asks, "XT-002 Hard Mode?" A few of us (me included) answered no, let's power through and dominate this place so we have more time tomorrow. But I was outnumbered and we gave it a shot. And it looked like we would do it in just one attempt when a void zone popped up in the middle of everyone during a tantrum. Oh well, we knew we had it. We had the DPS, we had the skill. We had it.

Try two, no problems. And there it was, Heartbreaker. Our first Glory of the Ulduar Raider achievement. But not the last. I think, given the time, we could master each and every fight on the list. However, it seems like 3.2 is coming soon (a bit too soon in my opinion) and Ulduar will be left in the dust with the Argent Coliseum calling us in.

All of our DPS on that fight was above 3,000. Our three healers all did an amazing job, and our offtank did a great job picking up the pummelers and the sparks while doing a fair amount of damage himself. All around, a great job by all involved, and our shaman healer got a nice new Breastplate of the Stoneshaper.

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Eleazarjr said...

Outstanding run last night. Looking forward to Seeing Yogg Sarron tonight. I'm confident we will get to him.