May 1, 2009

Antechamber Clear

Last night, the Gold Team, fresh off a stomping off bosses on Wednesday night went back in, eager to learn some new fights. First up was Auriaya, the Crazy Cat Lady. After a couple of quick wipes due to massive incoming raid damage and also another couple of wipes before switching strategies, we took her out. In the end, the strategy of not killing the Feral Defender (it does die due to raid splash damage), worked very well for us. We were able to get her down after two attempts with our finalized strategy and she was nice enough to drop the Raiments of the Corrupted. I wanted these as I knew they were an upgrade and I rolled an 85. Yes! So I tell Matnocuido to roll, figuring if they're an upgrade for me, they'll be an upgrade for him. And what does he go and do? Rolls a 92. Of course. I don't know how he does it, but he always out-rolls me. However, he was nice enough to pass them over to me (he doesn't want to break his 4 piece Tier 7 bonus quite yet) and I happily replaced the Gown of the Spell-Weaver. I gain 20 stamina, 3 armor, 11 crit, 4 hit, and 8 spellpower at the cost of 8 intellect? Hell yeah.

With the new item, I also resocketed a few items, throwing a
Runed Scarlet Ruby in my new Raiments and also in my Sandals of Crimson Fury, replacing a Rigid Autumn's Glow. My hit now sits at 340, down from 368. At 368, I was hit capped regardless of who was in the raid - however, there's always a draenei in the raid, so my hit cap is 341 and I'm perfectly fine being 1 point under the hit cap. I like to live dangerously like that...

So after Auriaya, we thought, let's go see Mimiron. Bad idea. For starters, his trash is insanely hard. After a wipe or two here and there, we made it through and then we tried to read about the fight. Mistake #2. He is probably the most complicated fight in Ulduar. So we all paused, watched a video on him, and then thought, hell, we can do this. Wipe after wipe after wipe later, we could not do this. We did manage to get him to phase 3 one or two times (I can't remember - they all blur together), so I'm certain we can kill him with more practice. However, I think next week, I'd rather go see Freya and give her a little kiss.

Once you get through the Antechamber of Ulduar though, there's so many beautiful sights. The first here is just as you start to come to the Keepers of Ulduar, then two of the tram that takes you to Mimiron and then two of Mimiron's workshop.


Eleazarjr said...

What Tiddly neglected to mention was that he fell off of the side of the train. He had to run back and he made us turn the train around to pick him up.

Vetarra said...

Then on the return trip, someone walked off the edge to 'test' something.

Mimiron will go down. All things considered, we weren't being destroyed for any other reason then people not paying attention to all the aspects. Healing during that falcon punch is critical, and it wasn't being handled as well as it could have gone. Also melee needs to stop failing to run out of super explody mode, and avoid the little hockey pucks of death scattered all over. But my feel of the fight tells me all we need is to just 'click' once so people get used to switching between phases.

We hit phase 3 twice I think. WoWWebStats doesn't have a lot of Ulduar set up I think, which is why I haven't been posting logs, they're too jacked up to be useful. Leviathan doesn't show(and it shouldn't count imo), Auriya showed, but the numbers seemed odd. And Mimiron was simply UNKNOWN.