Apr 17, 2009

In to Ulduar...

Last night, the gold team formed up and headed into Ulduar for the first time. We weren't quite sure what to expect from the instance when it came to difficulty and so after getting into our vehicles, we were ready to tackle the gauntlet and the Flame Leviathan.

We quickly tackled the gauntlet and repaired our engines before engaging the Leviathan, and, he was EASY. Maybe a little too easy to start off Ulduar we were thinking. But we took our loot (I received a Lifespark Visage) and we continued on - or at least tried to.

We ran into an issue where we couldn't get out of combat, no matter what we tried, so in the end, we had to run all the way back to the start and out of Ulduar. Upon returning, we were able to take the teleporter to the Forge and we decided to see what Razorscale had for us. Unfortunately, not good news.

After multiple failed attempts, trying multiple different strategies, we gave up on Razorscale (his fireballs do a little too much damage for us apparently). We then went over to see how Ignis was doing and..umm..wiped a bunch on his trash. So yeah, that was a humbling experience right there. After finally getting those two molten colossuses (colossi?) down, we proceeded to then figure out how to get the rest of his trash down. We tried avoiding cyclones, but they kept going after the healers it seemed, so with healers down, we wiped a few more times. We finally got to Ignis, but it was getting late. Nonetheless, we got about 5 or 6 attempts in on him before having to call it for the night.

For those out there complaining that Ulduar is too easy because a couple guilds have downed Yogg-Saron, you're just wrong. Simple as that. Ulduar is fun, challenging, and exciting. I look forward to progressing further in the coming weeks.

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Alaranddl said...

My hair is singed from Razorscale's fireballs and I've got a permanent imprint from getting pummeled by the deconstructor. It was tough but fun. I'm looking forward to the challenge.