Mar 17, 2009

What to do with No Progress?

Last night, I joined a raid that is a hodge-podge of groups and we went to Malygos with the intention of bringing down Sartharion with two drakes afterward. So after we took down Malygos in a few tries, we went over to Sartharion. We had a couple of players that hadn't seen the fight with one drake, let alone two, so we introduced them in the easiest way possible - threw them into the fire - quite literally. After multiple wipes with healers dying in blue circles or flame walls, we almost got the first drake down. But it never happened. That first drake never went down. We kept having a tank get thrown into the lava or a healer get hit by a tail swipe or the whelps would go crazy and take out DPS.

After a while, what are you to do? How many shots do you take at two drakes without any improvement before moving on and just doing one drake?

On one hand, I understand the raid leader wanting to do two drakes. We can do one without an issue it seems, so two should be a good challenge. However, when you have a healer who dies in the following manner: blue circle, flame wall, blue circle, flame wall, sartharion, flame wall, how can you continue? I think at some point you have to tell that person to shape up or not come. There's no room for error on two drakes, let alone three drakes. So if you have players who consistently make mistakes, they need to leave the raid for the rest of the raid to progress.

At one point though, you just need to call it. We spent two hours banging our heads against a wall, making no progress. I guess that's the limit of most sane people. I'm not sure how much more I could have taken. This after an hour spent on forming up for Malygos, killing Malygos, and then forming up for Sartharion. Three hours for Malygos and Sartharion + 1 drake is insane. However, good came of it.

First, I got achievement #499. Due to people not picking up the hover disks properly, I hopped on one and picked up Heroic: Denyin' the Scion. But the best part of the night was finally taking down Sartharion and getting the Illustration of the Dragon Soul. It's the best in slot trinket for us mages, and after seeing the first three go to healers (who benefit from it, but not nearly as much as DPS benefit from it), I was happy to finally get my hands on it. I now have the top two trinkets for mages in the Illustration and Embrace of the Spider. One day I'll get my T7.5 gloves from Sarth...

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Alaranddl said...

Grats on the trinket Tiddly. I've *never* seen the dps equivalent drop. And I'm absolutely flabbergasted that a healer would get that trinket. Pugliness, I guess.

How is the greatness trinket for mages? I imagine not as good as for physical dps. I'm 2k gold away from being able to purchase it (next Faire).