Mar 26, 2009


Last night, while listing auctions on my banker, I saw an advert in trade channel for a raid on the horde bosses. Eh, I usually ignore them because they're usually too disorganized and/or there aren't enough people. Then I see two more people right after that looking for more for the same raid. So I awoke Tiddly, inquired as to the status, and got one of the last 5 spots in the raid. And we were off.

We started in Azshara and then rode south on the river thanks to some Death Knights and we invaded Orgrimmar with little to no resistance. I quickly set a portal up after we downed Thrall and we reformed in Theramore and went to assault Thunder Bluff. With that done, we quickly moved on Silvermoon via the Zul'Aman flight point and then we just had Undercity left after flying to Chillwind Point.

It took us some time to get all 40 people gathered up and ready to go at each position, but we were quick enough within each city, met little to no resistance, and we downed the four bosses, and I have my Black War Bear - mount #73 (and I blew by 5,500 achievement points).

Tonight, the Gold Team is again looking for achievements. We'll be looking to do Malygos with 8 people and then we will give Sartharion + 3 drakes our first attempt. Hopefully all goes well. I believe we'll be going in with 3 tanks, 2.5 healers, and then 4.5 DPS. Go go go!

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