Feb 9, 2009

Naxx 8 Man

Last night, for an impromptu Naxxramas run, we formed up at about 6pm and figured we could clear what we left on Thursday. So we started to get going, but we were missing a healer and a DPS. What the heck we said...let's try this 8-man. As it turns out, 8 manning Naxxramas is pretty darn easy. We wiped once on Kel'Thuzad because our DPS pally went down from a void zone and Kel'Thuzad wiped us with 50,000 HP left. But other than that, no encounter gave us any issues. And we did all of this with a new death knight in our party who had only seen about half the encounters.

So hopefully later this week, we'll be able to finish off The Dedicated Few - we just need Patchwerk and the Plague Quarter.

Before Naxx 8-man though, I went to Obsidian Sanctum 25-man. It was an easy enough clear and I managed to piss off a good amount of people with my Toy Train Set (I just can't comprehend how people get upset when others make a train noise. Just move away from it or turn down your speakers if it's too loud. Have a sense of humor people. But on Sartharion, I ended up doing 4,600 DPS. Not too shabby. Especially considering the next highest person on the charts was at 3,300 DPS. So that was a fun run - except for the fact that I was the #2 roll on the Illustration of the Dragon Soul. It went to a pally in our guild, which was kind of annoying. The trinket is BEST IN SLOT for DPS casters. There is NOTHING better in the game for us. The trinket is NOT best in slot for healing types. With this amalgamation of spell power, healing power, etc., there's just too much competition for pieces that are generally very one-sided. This trinket is just one example. No paladin would roll on it if it were spell power if we still had healing power in the game. So I lose out on my BEST IN SLOT item so a paladin (who might not even use it - well, he might, even though there's better options out there - including a Darkmoon card which just takes some time and gold to get - which chances are he won't put the time or gold into getting). C'est la vie.

In other news, Wednesday starts Love is in the Air. Judging by the achievements, it shouldn't be too hard to obtain another title and one more event down towards my violet proto drake. Luckily I did the grinding necessary last year for the Perma-Peddle achievement as they're making it tougher this year, but it isn't required for the meta-achievement. So I should rack up another 140 achievement points and I even get to have some fun in the battlegrounds while doing so.


Alaranddl said...


Just want to let you know I read your blog, and I enjoy it.

Could you let me know what type of dps (single target dps, no AoE) I should be doing for 10 man Naxx (full clear), 25 man Naxx (at least half).

Currently in 5 mans, depending on buffs and the like I can do anywhere from 1.8 - 2.3K

Thanks, Alarand

Blake said...

It's tough to say exactly Alarand. Obviously with 10 man and 25 mans, you have more buffs, and do more damage. Our new death knight last night did about 2000 DPS on all the bosses. So I think you're perfectly fine for running 10 man or 25 man Naxx.

The nice thing about 25 man Naxx is you obviously don't need all 25 people there to take down a boss. In fact, there's a "The Dedicated Few" achievement for doing the bosses with 20 or fewer people. So I would just see if you can get into a 10 or 25 man group and as you get better gear, you'll do better DPS.

Run Recount to watch your DPS as the raid progresses, and use WowWebStats to analyze your performance at the end of the raid. You can check on others too to see what kind of damage they're doing, check their talent tree, and see what rotations they are using.

Alaranddl said...


Would you mind linking a 10 and 25 man wws where there were good hunters?

If not (for the purposes of privacy), I understand.

Thanks, Lyman (the guy behind Alarand)

Blake said...

No problem, here's a couple where Ivan ran with us. He's usually with our 10 and 25 man groups.

Note, we tried 2 drakes on Sartharion 10, so we had a bunch of wipes, but there's a little bit of 10 man Naxx at the end so you can look at an individual boss fight: 10 Man

Here's a 25 man log:
25 Man

Alaranddl said...

Thanks Tid! Good stuff.

I have 2 questions:

1) How come Ivan (and maybe even you) seemed to do as much or more in 10 mans in some cases, vs. the 25 man?

2) Just out of interest what problems did you run into w/ Patchwerk on 25? From what I can see, you guys have the dps.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Blake said...

I'm not sure what you're referring to with 10 vs. 25 mans. I tend to look solely at boss fights since trash is subjective and you're not there for all pulls or you get good AOE in or you can get silenced. So for bosses only:

10 Mans
25 Mans

On 10 Mans, Ivan and I put out about 2,600 DPS.

On 25 Mans, Ivan and I put out 3,000 to 3,400 DPS.

You just get more buffs with 25 mans so you can just do more damage. Plus, fights like Loatheb skew some numbers up (5470 DPS :).

As for Patchwerk, it was a healing issue. Tanks were just dying on every try. Hopefully we'll have the problems sorted out by Friday. We definitely have the DPS, we just need 3 tanks to stay alive and it was stressing the healers.

Alaranddl said...


Nerf mages!!!!

Great job man, and thanks for sharing. I was looking at Ivan's distribution of shots and other things. Very informative. Right now, I need to tighten up my rotation, but as I'm on wireless currently, it's difficult. The next two weeks, I get to play with having a wired connection. I'll see what difference that makes.

Blake said...

Haha, the crit buff on Loatheb is amazing and I get so many free Pyroblasts, it's just the best fight ever for us.

As for Ivan's rotation, last night he figured out how to get more out of explosive shot which I thought most hunters knew, but he wasn't waiting for his first explosive shot to tick during the Lock N Load, so he wasn't getting max DPS. He should get some better numbers in future weeks. Here's last night's logs if you want to browse through them:

Sarth, Maly, Naxx

Alaranddl said...

LOL -- why'd you tell him? Mages must stay on top of the charts!

You might want to mention to him (if he doesn't know it) to use frost trap on the fights that allow it (anything w/ adds or where close proximity is inevitable) because it allows for double proccing of Lock and Load w/in 30 sec. Then again, maybe not :)

Alaranddl said...

fyi on explosive shot (if Ivan doesn't know this):

3 ticks of damage

1st tick on impact
2nd tick at 1 sec
3rd tick at 2 sec

All hunters have a fixed GCD of 1.5 sec for shots like explosive, so all one needs to do is wait .5 sec after the GCD, just half a breath. I think it's a rhythm thing, but with my current latency, I'm more the proverbial white dude biting his lower lip while dancing (for me, just insert asian dude).

I'll stop posting now. Sometimes I get too caught up in talking shop (the geek emerges).

Blake said...

I think what most have found is that you can get off a Steady Shot or something in between Explosive Shots. I'm not a hunter, so I'm not really sure what the rotation is.