Oct 15, 2008

So Incredibly Annoying

((Worked hard all day, greatly anticipating the patch when I got home. Got home, patch had already downloaded in the background, let's install! So I started installation and it was going slow despite my speedy computer specs, so I went outside to do some work. Checked after install and tried to get into the game, couldn't get past "Handshaking..."

Went back outside, did more yard work, came back in, connection Success! Select my server, waiting for characters. Nope. No characters. Select my server, waiting for characters. Rinse and repeat x20.

So then the server goes offline. Finally, I think. They're fixing it. It comes back and we get characters to appear. Then the blue bar of doom. Loading World of Warcraft...full blue bar. And we're stuck. Only way out, manually kill WoW.exe. Rinse and repeat.

So, I go back to watching House, return a while later and what's this!? I'm in! Quick, learn pets and mounts from bags full of pets and mounts. Sweet, I've got 50 pets. I've got Stinky waiting in my bank! Yay, it's all working now. Go outside, try and mount. Nope. Sorry - you didn't think you'd be able to go anywhere did you? Try and cast a spell. Nope. Sorry, you didn't think you'd be able to do anything did you?

Oh wait, server crash.

So back to TV. Wait for server to come back online. Blue bar of loading death. Kill WoW.exe. Wait a little longer, get in game. Yay! Maybe everything's fixed now. Hotkey for mount pressed, nope. You have no mounts. WHAT?! All my mounts and pets (except for 4 pets) are gone. Stinky is still waiting in my mailbox (I can't get him out!).

Screw it. Off to bed for me. Sick of this crap. I knew there would be some problems, but not problems on such a grand scale.

Wake up early, shower, shave, etc. Turn on computer just to see if pets and mounts are back. WORLD SERVER DOWN.

Oh what a wonderful start to a beautiful day. Off to work for me. I left early to get home to have fun with patch. I'll probably work late just to save myself some frustration upon returning home to another borked patch.

I did get my point total for achievements though - 1620 with 10 feats of strength (soon to be 11 after getting Polar Bear mount). I probably should have spent more time getting my rep up with Lower City, Keepers of Time, and Honor Hold. Probably another good 100-150 rep there I missed out on. However, I am now known as Tiddlywinks the Diplomat.))

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