Dec 28, 2008

Sometimes, It's Deserved

Yesterday, after finishing up a Wintergrasp victory, I saw a team forming for 25-man Vault of Archavon. I had done the 10-man earlier in the week, so I figured I could easily do 25-man if we got a good team together. I joined in, waited about 20-30 minutes while they put the rest of the team together, and we took off.

On the single-target trash leading up to Archavon, I averaged 3300 DPS - it's amazing what a full raid group will do for your DPS. Then we got to the boss. It took a bit for the fight to be explained (which I mostly ignored since I knew my job - DPS). And we took off. We had a wipe due to lack of DPS (we were 2 men down) and some other people just couldn't be bothered to watch out for the dust clouds. So we quickly regrouped and tried again. This time, success. On both attempts, I led the DPS charts and was always in the right position and never needed emergency heals.

So when the Valorous Frostfire Leggings dropped, I felt I deserved them. I contributed the most in the way of DPS and felt I should be rewarded even though it was a PUG. However, you know the other 4 mages there didn't share my thoughts on the matter, so it was down to the luck of the dice. And the dice gods smiled upon me with an acceptable roll of 78. None of the other four mages could beat that, and here they are:

And here's the overall DPS chart for our final attempt at the boss (names removed to protect the innocent):

And finally, a breakdown of my damage on the fight. Note: I missed 2 Frostfire Bolts. Luckily the new pants have 43 hit rating on them, so that should help. I'm also carrying around some old shoes with extra hit that I should use on bosses, but I usually forget to do so.

Click image to enlarge.

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