Dec 30, 2008

Finally, I've been waiting for a site like Achievement for a long time. I can now see where I stand on my server, in the United States, or in the World (104, 17455, and 36,662 respectively). Of course, it hasn't been updated since December 26th and I now have 4,235 achievement points - which puts me at #80 on the server.

But I'm working my way up. I plan on finishing the Outlands Dungeon Hero and the Northrend Dungeon Hero achievements this weekend and I'm also working on bringing my rep back up with the goblins through Dire Maul runs so I can get back to work on my Loremaster title (there's just too many goblin quests on Kalimdor).

Then, not sure where I head for more achievements. Maybe PvP? It's not my favorite thing to do since I'm really not all that skilled at PvP, but it would be fun to knock out some of the easier achievements for quick points - and even start to work on some of the tougher ones.

And for the curious, here's a quick link to my realm's achievement tracker.

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