Nov 6, 2008

Tiddly's Titles

I added a box over to the right there that shows my titles earned thus far. I'm up to 8 now, but have mostly been sticking with Bloodsail Admiral Tiddlywinks. Every once in a while I switch it up to Ambassador or Diplomat, but it's fun to have a bunch of titles to play with. I'm working on Salty right now, trying to get all the pre-Wrath achievements completed there. Chef is done until Wrath and Explorer should be easy when Wrath comes out. The Loremaster title is still going to give me some issues as I'm still not on good terms with the goblins (was working on it two nights ago before being pulled into Molten Core) and the Seeker should come with Wrath (and closely with The Loremaster).

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