Oct 28, 2008

Well Read

Just completed Well Read which gives me all my General achievements complete until November. I also completed To All the Squirrels I've Loved Before with the exception of the Steam and Borean Frogs (Wrath) and I also have The Keymaster complete with the exception of the Violet Hold Key (Wrath).

With regards to Quests, I'm at 179/200 daily quests complete (should get that done tomorrow) and I'm up to 2,037g out of 10,000g from The Bread Winner. For my Classic Quests, I'm sitting at 565/730 for the Loremaster of Kalimdor. The Burning Crusade quests are complete.

All my exploration is complete with the exception of Medium Rare. Not quite sure when I'll be able to complete that one. It's a pretty tough one to do as some of the mobs don't spawn for days.

Left for the Classic Dungeons & Raids - LBRS, Dire Maul, Onyxia, AQ40.
Left for Burning Crusade Dungeons & Raids - Heroic Slave Pens, Heroic Underbog, Heroic Mana-Tombs, Heroic Auchenai Crypts, Heroic Durnholde, Heroic Sethekk Halls, Heroic Black Morass, Heroic Mechanar, Heroic Botanica, Heroic Magister's Terrace, Tempest Keep, Hyjal, Black Temple and Sunwell Plateau.

Cooking Profession is done until Wrath. Fishing I still need to win the Booty Bay contest (but can't do so until I'm on good terms with them again), catch the rare fish, find Old Ironjaw, and fish up Gahz'ranka and the Lurker Below. First Aid is done until Wrath.

Working my way to 25 exalted reputations now. For classic reputations I need Zandalar, Hydraxian and Brood of Nozdormu. For Burning Crusade I need Keepers of Time, Lower City, Ashtongue Deathsworn, Scale of the Sands, and I need to defeat Capt. Skyshatter.

I won't even go into what I need for PvP because it's a lot!

Total achievement points: 2625

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