Oct 3, 2008

Ragnaros Vanquished

Two nights ago, the Gold Team ventured into Zul'Aman once again determined to get three timed chests. Due to some oddities that I'm not even sure I can explain, we got none. Due to a prior commitment, I had to leave the raid early, but they continued on and fought valiantly.

Last night though, it was Darknight Resolution guild night and we were determined to tackle Molten Core. We started strong and were able to basically kill anything and everything without any problems whatsoever. Our goal for the night was to down Ragnaros as Kaldais was trying to obtain the Sulfuron Hammer. To do that, we of course had to get good and drunk. I started with some Autumnal Ale from my Brew of the Month club and quickly found I had an admirer, all the way down in Molten Core:

He followed me around for a while, but it was killing time, so we quickly marched forward. We had very little troubles with any boss and our DPS and AOE damage far outweighed anything any of the mobs could heal through. And before we knew it, we were standing before Majordomo himself.

He surrendered after we downed all of his protectors and after a quick jaunt down into the belly of the Core, we found him waiting there for us again! We challenged him to a fight, and he pulled out a new card on us and summoned the massive Ragnaros!

We fought our hardest to bring him down, and though I was crippled because I couldn't use my most powerful fire spells against him, we quickly succeeded and cleared all of Molten Core.

We quickly looted the body and, lo and behold, he dropped my Netherwind Pants! That now gives me three pieces of Tier 2 in under a week. Not too shabby. However, I now have no bag space and eagerly await the ability to stable all my pets.

After we looted, we all gathered up and took one last picture in the Core:

All in all, we had a great time, got some nice loots for some of our younger members, and Ryshat, a fellow pet collector I brought into the guild experienced his first raid ever! I also was able to earn a bit more Hydraxian Waterlords Reputation and I completed the Molten Core quest. One more clear and I'll be honored and be even closer to obtaining my Eternal Quintessence and douse the flames myself!

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