Oct 20, 2008

Darn You Squashling!

I got nine more attempts at the Headless Horseman yesterday (bringing my total to 24), and still no Squashling. Have seen the Hallowed Helm drop twice (I already had it from last year), so I keep going telling everyone I pass on EVERYTHING except the squashling. Then yesterday, right as I woke up, I see my friend Phosphorex complete the Sinister Calling achievement. DARN YOU!

So once I got my Horseman runs out of the way, it was back to achievements. I'm up over 2,400 points now and working towards the Loremaster achievements. Right now I stand at 668/700 on the Eastern Kingdoms with a few more areas to explore. I have some chains to finish up in Uldaman and other random quests I've been finding with the Low Level Quest tracking option. However, I fear I'm going to run out of quests to do just short of 700. I'm trying to think of lesser known quest locations, but haven't thought of any yet (though I did find a nice one in Loch Modan during my explorations).

After the Eastern Kingdoms, I'll head to Kalimdor and scrounge for quests there. I know there's still a lot I didn't do on Azuremyst and the Night Elf starting zone. I did quite a few while working my rep up to exalted with those factions, but never did all of them. I'm also doing about 20 dailies a day as I work to buy more and more mounts. I believe I'm at 43 or so with only expensive mounts to buy from here on out.

After those achievements, I'll probably get back to fishing towards 1,000 fish and keep trying to get Old Ironjaw - can't believe I haven't found him yet in over 700 casts. I was able to complete Outland Gourmet and have done all the cooking quests available to me until Northrend.

On a side note, I wish there were a way to look up leaders in achievement points on servers, or at least know where you stand with respects to others on the server. I keep on comparing achievements to those around me and see 600, 900, some up around 1500, even some near 2000, but I haven't really seen anyone near 2500 yet. Phosphorex said he saw someone over 2500, so I know I still have some work to do - and if I can quickly get some heroics out of the way, I'll blow by 2,500. But it's just annoying at the present time to not really know how well you're doing. I imagine I'm probably near the top on the server with all of my grinding pre-achievements. However, I still have quite a few achievements to work on that I'm certain others easily picked up if they were dedicated to rep and grinds like I was pre-patch. So now I'm working towards 3,000 achievement points and 300/750 total achievements. Up up and away!

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