Sep 29, 2008

A Trip to Blackwing

It all started innocently enough, I had awoken from a nice nap and I asked some guildmates what they were up to. Some were fighting Coren Direbrew, others were doing their dailies on Quel D'anas, but then...Flamehelix spoke up, "I'm in Blackwing Lair." Always one for adventure, I quickly asked him if there was room in the forty person raid and, lo and behold, there was! After quickly exiting the Scryer in and talking to the friendly wand vendor about repairing my items, I was whisked through space via a warlock's portal and I was in!

There were these strange levers all over and a rogue was trying to disarm them. I inquisitively clicked on one and was unable to move at my regular speed for a while! There were whelps all around and the whole place was quite dark and foreboding. Unfortunately, prior to the run, I was unable to pester our wonderful banker, Moneyclip for a Onyxia Scale Cloak, so when we went up against Ebonroc, I died quite quickly. I thought I was in the correct position, but I was not. I also found out quite quickly that my fire-based spells would be nothing against these behemoths. I still can't figure out what was going on here though...

With Ebonroc down, we looted and I won the Netherwind Gloves! My first piece of Tier 2. Now that I have a piece, perhaps I need to find the rest...

Immediately after Ebonroc, there was another dragon to be had, Flamegor. Again, I was without my cloak, but was able to effectively hid behind a wall until the debuffs went away and able to actually participate in his death. Flamegor dropped the Netherwind Gloves again which I'm glad went to another mage in the group as I had just stepped in and swiped the gloves on the first boss kill. After Flamegor, another monstrous beast awaited us, Chromaggus.

Once we had taken down Chromaggus, we continued on, fighting our way through the massive dragonking on our way up to the throne room. Once we got there, it was quite an impressive sight to see Lord Victor Nefarius awaiting our arrival.

We quickly introduced ourselves and he didn't seem to enjoy our being there. He started firing shadowbolts at our party and summoned bone constructs to defeat us. We gathered up on his throne, destroyed the bone constructs and then he shifted...into the great black dragon Nefarian!

After he landed, he proceeded to beat on our tank for a while and we did our best to avoid his flame breaths as we hurled everything we had at him.

After a while though, he got quite sick of us hurting him and resummoned all of his bone constructs that we had killed earlier. Not knowing this was coming, I was standing a bit too close and the constructs absolutely destroyed me. Luckily there were others to pick them up and we were able to dispatch them for a second time.

After a lengthy fight, Nefarian went down. At first you feel a twinge of remorse for killing such a beautiful and grand creature, but then, after you realize he was trying to destroy you the whole time, it feels a bit better. There were many items to be had, including his head which we transported to Stormwind so all could revel in our victory, but again, my luck was high as I won the Netherwind Robe. I now have two pieces of the eight parts of Tier 2.

This Thursday, Darklight Resolution will venture into Molten Core and this weekend I might be able to go into AQ40, another far away place I have yet to visit. It certainly was a fun weekend and visiting Blackwing was quite amazing.

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