Aug 22, 2008


Earlier today, Matticus talked about achievements that will soon occupy my time. As of press time, there are 694 listed achievements and I look forward to completing as many as I can. I have no more reputations to grind (though I have a few left I can complete through some instance runs) and I only have one pet left to grind (that damn Emerald Whelp will probably never be mine), and there's just not much to do these days.

I've been spending much of my time helping out my friendly backstabber, Tockett (yes, I couldn't get, but I did get Tockett was the first of us gnomes to reach level 60 and also was able to obtain the rank of Knight Captain back in the day. He also heavily raided ZG, MC, and AQ20. Oh, the good ol' days. So while there's not much to do with Tiddly, Tockett is going strong. However, once he reaches 70, I fear there will be little left. What's the point of gearing up as it will all be obsolete in a few scant months?

Back to achievements though, some are insane...

40 Exalted Factions - I'm at 22...could probably hit 25 to 26 if I tried, there will be some added in the expansion, but 40!? Dang! Luckily I'm already past the levels of 10, 15 & 20.

100,000 Honorable Kills - Wow...I've got 2,200. I plan on getting up to maybe 5,000 by the time the expansion comes out as I want to stockpile some honor points so I can get some nice honor rewards at level 80. So maybe I'll stay on defense more in AV rather than going to the front like I enjoy.

Complete 3,000 Quests - I love this one. I'm pretty sure I'm already over half way there as grinding all my faction reps (including the Goblin reputations) has had me go all over to quest. Add in the fact that I plan on exploring more locations prior to Wrath, I should probably focus on picking up any quests I see. Luckily, they are thinking about adding in grey ? so we can more easily find quests we have not completed. In fact, I did two quests last night from the Area 52 wanted board. Nice to have that section clear.

Master of Alterac Valley - This one should be fun! Some of the individual achievements within this grouping seem tough, but it will be a challenge. I'm not sure how you can assault & defend a graveyard and assault & defend a tower in the same game.

Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart - Already done! (Obtain 50 pets) Yay, pet skunk, here I come.

World Explorer - I've been working on this one already. I hope to have every place explored. Sometimes though, there's areas on a map that you don't know you haven't explored as they aren't "shaded" on the world map. Not quite sure how they'll handle that.

My Sack is "Gigantique" - Great, I have to spend 1200g on a bag. Guess I should buy it soon so I can actually get some usage out of my 1200g...

Twenty-Five Tabards - If only I had room to start collecting them now, I would. But once I can stable my pets in Wrath, I will have room to collect tabards and since I'm exalted with 22 factions and have some unique tabards as well, 25 should be no problem.

Skills to Pay the Bills - Easy! I'm already 375 of fishing, cooking, and first aid. No problem to level them come Wrath.

The Cake Is Not A Lie - HAHA. Love it. Need to go bake me a cake. Already have the recipe.

The Diplomat - Reach exalted with Timbermaw, Kurenai & Sporeggar. Done and done!

The Justicar - Wow, this will be tough. Granted, I would love to get those three reputations to exalted as it is, but AB and WSG are just so painful to grind. I think I just need to put more time into them during their respective weekends. Plus I can rack up some HKs while doing so.

Well Read - This should be tons of fun. I've read a few, but there's a lot more I have to go find.

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