Jul 31, 2008


As stated previously, we went back to 10 man raiding this week and I'm ashamed to admit it, but I was unprepared. I had no Wizard Oil. I had one flask and I ran out of mana pots. I had to ration my food. I was not ready at all. So this weekend will be spent getting back to raid-ready status. I will be doing the cooking dailies, grinding mats for pots, flasks, and oils. I will not be caught off-guard again. It really was pretty sad when a friendly warlock came up to me to bum a hit of Wizard Oil, only to find I had none...at the beginning of the raid...I had none!

We did manage to take down Halazzi, Akil'zon and Nalorakk, almost getting the third chest (probably needed 5-8 more minutes). Jan'alai continues to frustrate us, but we had a few new people with us this week and I'm sure when everyone gets the fight down, we'll do just fine. Last night, it was an alt run through Kara. I showed up late, so I subbed in at Curator and we almost cleared the place by the time we had to call it. Unfortunately, Aran continues to withhold Sunfire from me.

On a completely unrelated note, I bought an enchanting pattern yesterday for 1500g. Enchant Boots - Vitality are mine. However, with the purchase of the formula and the firefly, I'm very low on cash, so it's back to doing dailies. I thought 5kg would last me for a while. I guess not.

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Anonymous said...

The nice thing, however, is that recipe is pretty much in demand most of the time. With casters, the only other current enchantments to use on that slot are Enchant Boots - Fortitude or Enchant Boots - Boar's Speed.

I went with the latter myself, but only because at my gear level the Stamina is more helpful than the MP5. I'm a human Holy priestess; I'm swimming in mana regeneration from Spirit!

Hopefully you'll make some of the money back doing that enchant or getting tips.