Jul 22, 2008

Big Changes!

As you know, I'm a pet collector. With my two recent additions (Firefly and Ethereal Soul-Trader), I'm at 70 pets! With nothing but Imbued Netherweave Bags in my bank, that's almost 4 bags filled with pets! But, announced today, pets will no longer take bag slots (neither will mounts in that case).

Pets will now be learned as "spells" which you can then summon rather than having to carry around the item with you. While I'm pretty pleased with this change, I will miss carrying around my firefly cage or my worg carrier. But, summoning them will be much easier (truly random pets every time!) and I'll also get to have random mounts as well.

I shall be absent this weekend, but I have been tooling around in Azeroth more and more over the past week. Yesterday was the crocolisk fishing quest, but I was not rewarded with another pet. We shall keep up the good work.

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