May 19, 2008

More on Zanza

So yesterday I mentioned about hitting honored with the Zandalar which then allowed me to turn in my four Arcanums of Rapidity for Savage Guards. The reason I had the arcanums in the first place was for Shen'dralar reputation, and now that I am honored with Zandalar, I can turn them in for more Zandalar reputation. They all start from Librams of Rapidity which I haven't seen on the auction house recently, so I might have to start looking into other libram turn-ins which require Frayed Abomination Stitchings instead of the Blood of Heroes that the libram of rapidity requires.

Anyways, here's a wonderful shot of me and Zanza, who by the way is a Loa, more powerful than elementals, but just a step below the gods. As you can see, I also took Toothy along and we got close, but didn't have to kill any of his crocolisk relatives within Zul'Gurub.

As a side note, the easy way to get to Zanza as a 70 mage is as such: Enter Zul'Gurub and jump in the water on your right. Follow the stream to the waterfall - but be careful not to fall down. Jump out of the waterfall to your left and drop down to the first bridge you see (watch out for the patrol). Cross the first bridge and second bridge and pop invisibility. Invisibility will almost take you all the way to Zanza's staircase (I will try to make it next time in one shot). But if you stay to the left against the wall as you head up to Zanza, when you come out of invisibility, you will see Zanza's staircase in front of you and some snakes guarding it. I waited here until invisibility was up again and then easily made it to the top of his pyramid.

I also got a nice picture of my new Blade of Vaulted Secrets with Potency on it. It's a very cool looking sword and I've been wielding it often (and subsequently finding out that my sword skills are quite low - though I did take some time to level them up in Stranglethorn Vale). I'm a little bit worried that th Potency enchant may be a bit too strong and obscure the beauty of the sword. Here's a picture:

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