May 13, 2008

Evoker's Silk Battlegear

With the breaking of Spellfire, I wanted to run the numbers of Evoker's Silk Amice and Evoker's Silk Raiment against Mantle of Nimble Thought and Spellfire Robe.

In the end, I lose 82 armor, 12 intellect, 3 critical strike, 40 damage, and 43 haste while I gain 26 stamina and 68 resilience.

It's an interesting trade off. Armor loss isn't huge. Intellect and crit loss are quite small as well. Gaining 260 health is nice as it pushes me to 10.2k health. And I also gain 68 resilience which is 1.72% less chance of me getting critically struck, -3.44% less critical strike damage and -1.72% DoT damage.

Worth a loss of 40 damage and 43 haste (2.7% casting time reduction)? Tough to say as I'm not on top of Resilience calculations since my main focus is on PvE.

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