Apr 4, 2008

More Epic Gemming Goodness

Last night, while trying to figure out what to spend my gold from dailies on (I complete 20+ dailies a day during a normal trip around Outland), I briefly thought about getting the formula for Cat's Swiftness for 1300g. But then I decided to check for epic gems, and lo and behold, someone had flooded the auction house with them.

I ended up spending 1200g on new gems, including two Crimson Spinels for 350g each and two Pyrestones for 250g each (Wowhead pegs them at 450g each and the Spinels at 1000g each, so great deals!). I had a guildmate cut the Pyrestones into Reckless Pyrestones and I hired a mage I know to cut a couple Runed Crimson Spinels and I tipped him a nice amount.

The odd thing is, the uncut Spinels were 350g each while the cut Runed Crimson Spinels were trying to be auctioned at 700g each. I tipped 25g for two Runed Crimson cuts and briefly thought about auctioning them back off, but decided against it. I replaced two Runed Crimson Rubies with the Spinels and I replaced one Glowing Nightseye and I also replaced one of my new Forceful Seaspray Emeralds with the Pyrestones. In the end, I lost some stamina, but gained 5 haste (now at 103) and 18 spell damage. Some may call me crazy for spending my money this way, but every little boost I can squeeze out of my gear is worth it.

After all this re-gemming, I was asked to go to Heroic Magisters' Terrace. We had a small problem with Vexallus, but after figuring out how to handle his spawns, we quickly took him down (go go gadget Ice Block). We quickly dispatched of the 5v5 boss and continued on to Kael'thas who continually kicked our butt. We didn't have the burst DPS to burn through his shield so he kept killing our tank. We figured on our next run we could soulstone the tank so he could die and come back, but running over an hour late already, we just called it. The elusive Phoenix Hatchling still eludes me, but I was able to pick up a new enchant of Steelweave which makes me happy. All I need from there is the pet now. Oh yeah, even without downing Kael'thas, I earned 2,000 rep. Puts me almost 25% through revered. Exalted, here I come!

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