Mar 17, 2008

Weekend Updates

Other than grinding Wintersaber rep, I found a couple of sweet patterns on the auction house. I can now craft a Mantle of Nimble Thought and a Swiftheal Mantle. I plan on making the Mantle of Nimble Thought just as soon as I can purchase two Hearts of Darkness. I picked up the Swiftheal pattern to just round out my tailoring recipe collection (it was a cheap 350g).

I also was invited to a Karazhan run with the great guys from Rough Raiders (quite a bit of Gold Team people in there too) and we cleared Kara last night in very good time for a team that is geared, but not at Z'A/Gruul's level. I missed Attumen as I was working on my Wintersaber rep, but still, I'll take the 21 badges as I had expected to earn zero this week. I'm up to 160 or so badges now I believe...well on my way to the 210 I will need at the time of 2.4 to purchase the Scryer's Blade of Focus for 150 badges and the Fused Nethergon Band for 60 badges. I already have all the mats except for the Prismatic Shards to enchant both items and I'll be set. These two upgrades will give me 24 additional stamina, 12 intellect, 28 hit rating, and 48 damage at the cost of 23 crit rating. But with the additional hit rating, I can resocket a few items and easily gain 28 damage or crit. Oh yeah, I lose 10MP/5 - a worthless stat in my opinion. Especially with the Spirit/Intellect mana regeneration changes.

Also, while running Wintersaber rep, I picked up beads to turn in for Timbermaw rep and I'm currently at 17,400 out of 21,000 rep needed for exalted. I have 50 more beads on me which translate to 1,500 more rep, so I'm at about 19,000 out of 21,000. A little more grinding for beads and feathers and I shall quickly be exalted with 21 factions.

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