Mar 6, 2008

Pet Update

As most of you know, I collect pets. I try and farm them myself, but I've been getting quite upset with the drop rates so I gave in last week and purchased a Tiny Crimson Whelpling from the auction house for 200g. Seemed like a good deal to me, and he looks great as I run through Kara with him.

Last night, I saw an Azure Whelpling
up on auction for 600g with a 650g buyout. I didn't want to spend the money since I was low on funds already, so I compromised. I put in a bid for 600g, but didn't buy it out for 650g. If I win it, great, I saved 50g. If I don't, fine...600g back into my pockets.

Also last week, I received my Hippogryph Hatchling from the friendly vendor in Booty Bay. This pet wasn't cheap, but well worth it to me. Today or tomorrow, I should be getting my Rocket Chicken as well which will take me to 57 pets. In May, Children's week returns, allowing me to collect two more pets and then with 2.4, I'll be out fishing every day looking for the pet crocs.

Speaking of fishing, I'm almost at 375 and will be trying to fish up Mr. Pinchy this weekend.

My full collection list can be found here.

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