Mar 30, 2008

Oooh, Epic Gems!

After running Magisters' Terrace for the first time, I was rewarded with a beautiful Runed Crimson Spinel which I threw into my Spellfire Robe. Now, with my 25 daily quests done once again, I'm flush with money so I was perusing the auction house and came across a Seaspray Emerald. I decided to purchase it for 250g as even though they will be available for 15 badges after the badge vendor is unlocked in Quel'Danas, I'd rather spend cash than badges. I had the Emerald cut into a Forceful Seaspray Emerald and I put it in my Carved Witch Doctor's Stick as I will not be replacing it for a while.

Now, with my newly found haste goodness, I went back to Shattrath and withdrew 35 badges from my bank and purchased the Runed Spell-Cuffs. Now, I just need to farm some materials to have them enchanted and I'll be set. Combined with my Shadowcaster's Drape and Mantle of Nimble Thought, I'm at 93 haste (and I just bought the other Emerald and will put it in my Robe - so 98 haste). 98 haste equals 6.25% faster casts, which should effectively lower my 3.0 second fireball cast to 2.81 seconds. It should be quite fun to play around with my new haste items.

Also by replacing the gem in my robe, I dropped my spell hit rating by 4 and by replacing Fury of the Ursine (with a +8 spell hit gem) with Runed Spell-Cuffs drops my Spell Hit Rating to 166. Two over the cap. So not too bad. I was way over after acquiring my new shoulders and going back to my Spellstrike Hood so it's nice to be back down to a reasonable number.

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