Mar 5, 2008

Massive DPS

This is what I love to see...

Just massive DPS by all involved. I took a couple cave-ins on me, but for the most part was able to stand and cast and do massive damage. It was amazing having Hemnetcher in the raid as I didn't have to use Mage Armor, but istead could use Molten Armor adding fire crit. I used all three of my mana emeralds and I think I had to evocate for a couple ticks towards the end, but in the end, having a shadow priest helps immensely. Not only did I have great mana regen, but I think I only bandaged once and even then it was a misclick. I was able to quickly regen all health after a cave in or shatter through the shadow priest.

In short, the 25 Man Gold Team Rocks!

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