Mar 9, 2008

375 Fishing

Today, after quickly running some Wintersaber and Timbermaw rep, I did my dailies and then went fishing. Did some quick fishing in Nagrand and got to 370 and then decided to test my luck fishing for Mr. Pinchy. I went over to Terokkar and started fishing the Highland Schools. After fishing up 60 Furious Crawdads, I called it a night and reveled in my full skills list.

Speaking of which, time for a look at a great add-on I use. It's a Fubar plugin and is available at - tcg TradeSkills. It tracks tradeskills across all characters and servers if you so choose and also, and most importantly, tracks my cooldowns related to tradeskills. So right now I have it set to remind me every 30 minutes that I need to go make my cloth. As you can see in the screenshot below, both Spellcloth and Primal Mooncloth still waiting on cooldowns, while my Shadowcloth cooldown is 12 days past.

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