Feb 20, 2008

You Can Never Have Enough Mojo!

It dropped! Last night we went to Zul'Aman, downed both Nalorakk and Akil'Zon in the allotted time periods, and while we were on our way to Halazzi, with the one Amani Hex Stick I had in my inventory, I got my Mojo! I'm so happy and I never thought I'd see my wonderful Mojo. I now own 53 of the 78 pets available to me - see my full list.

With 5 of those 78 not available until patch 2.4, I am 20 pets short of a complete collection. I'll be working on my fishing again this week to get to 375 and find Mr. Pinchy. Plus, with the daily fishing quests, and four pets coming from those, I need to work on my fishing now more than ever.

Isn't he cute?

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