Jan 11, 2008

Every Thursday night, our fantastic guild, DarkLight Resolution has guild night. It's a night where we put aside Karazhan, Zul'Aman, heroics, and whatever else and offer our services to anyone in the guild. Need a run through the Underbog? A trip to the Scarlet Monastery? Help with a particularly troubling quest? We're here to help.

Occasionally on guild night we also have outings that bring the guild together as a whole. A few weeks ago, I led an assault on Zul'Gurub and there were quite a few players in their high-50's, low-60's that came with us 70's as we tore through the place. They all got some good gear and we all had a bunch of fun.

Last night, King Elros and Queen Eirama led us into the Molten Core! It's my first time in there as a 70 and it's been well over a year since I've stepped foot inside the core. In my previous life as a rogue on the Emerald Dream server, we would have weekly excursions into the core when we could round up 40! guild members. The farthest I had ever seen was through the first four bosses.

Last night, in under two hours, we plowed through not just the first four bosses, but the first 7. We then lost a few people as the scheduled outing was for just two hours and we had 23 people show up. With just 15 or so people left, we continued on to Golemagg and quickly took him down. Without any more Aqual Qintessences, we were unable to continue to Majordomo or Rag. Hopefully I will have a chance to see them this weekend as I have never had the opportunity to partake in either of those battles.

While I of course didn't need any gear or any other drops from the Core (I am already exalted with the Dark Iron Thieves), I did get a nice amount of Hydraxian Waterlords reputation, putting me at just over friendly. Unfortunately, I figure I'd need 10-12 full clears of Molten Core to get to exalted. And since this is the first time DarkLight has ventured into the core in over a year, a lot of people had fun and I'm hoping it can become a more regular outing.

Now, to finally finish my Hydraxian quest to find that damn Eye of the Emberseer...

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