Dec 18, 2007

Running the numbers again, my new War Staff I plan on picking up next week will grant me 1 additional hit, 42 additional crit, 40 additional damage, and 29 resilience at the cost of just 6 stamina and 9 intellect. A very simple tradeoff to make.

However, right now, I can purchase the Merciless Gladiator's Spellblade and combine it with either the Jewel of Infinite Possibilities (which I own) or the Fetish of the Primal Gods (which I have the badges to purchase). The other option is the Flametongue Seal (which gives the most pure damage).

What it basically comes down to is trading some stats for damage. In the end, the War Staff is the best option. However, if I were to spend 1,125 more arena points to put the Spellblade with the Vengeful Gladiator's Endgame, the net effects are: plus 3 stamina, 35 damage, and 16 resilience at the cost of 3 intellect, 9 hit, and 42 crit. An interesting tradeoff, but I think keeping the hit and crit for raiding is the best option.

Just one week to go...

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