Nov 14, 2007

Well, after some intensive note taking and ideating, I have come up with my wishlist for items from Zul'Aman, G'eras, and the battlegrounds.

My weapons both hopefully will be upgraded. The Amani Divining Staff and Carved Witch Doctor's Stick will net me an increase of 8 stamina, 2 intellect, 31 critical strike, and 61 damage at the cost of just 26 hit rating.

The next things I am considering replacing is the Spellstrike Set. The Hood of Hexxing is the main piece of the set with considerable stats and nice sockets. With that, the Pantaloons of Arcane Annihilation are available for 75 badges. The stats change with increases of stamina by 18, intellect by 48, haste by 45, and damage by 15. These upgrades come at a cost of hit rating decrease of 15, crit rating decrease of 30. I'd have to run the numbers to figure out if the intellect increase balances out the crit rating decrease, but the hit rating loss of 15 is miniscule in the grand scheme of things and can be made up elsewhere (different socketing or something similar). This upgrade would only come if the Hood drops.

With battleground honor, I would like to upgrade both of my Veteran's pieces to the Vindicator equivalents. The Pendant is a significant upgrade with an extra 4 stamina, 3 intellect, 3 crit, and 4 damage. The silk cuffs are about the same upgrade with an extra 4 stamina, 4 intellect, 3 crit and 5 damage (or an extra three stat points). However, as mentioned previously, the enchant on the silk cuffs was quite expensive and I might not replace it. However, if I do switch from Spellstrike to something else, I will lose hit and the +15 hit to bracers is cheap. I would lose the +15 damage enchant, but could easily get back to max hit that way.

And last, but not least are the Footpads of Madness. They are a significant upgrade with an additional 4 intellect, 19 damage, and 25 haste. At the cost of just 14 stamina and 3 hit rating. A huge gain at a minor cost. The other option are the Boots of Blasting - a recipe that drops in Black Temple. I have yet to see this recipe on the auction house, but figure it would go for about 2000g, a hefty price to pay for one pair of boots that will be obsolete in short time. I'd much rather put that 2000g towards my epic flying mount.

Speaking of the mount, I have taken considerable steps backwards in my purchase of this nice amenity. I lent out some gold which is not a big deal, but I have spent quite a bit of money on some items including my new runed enchanting rod. Also, I haven't been doing my dailies as much as I should, though the new daily quests should be nice.

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