Nov 7, 2007

Oh yeah, a couple of things I forgot to mention. Last night I rocked Karazhan wearing my Sporeggar Tabard. That thing is quite possibly the ugliest piece of clothing in the world, but it's now my lucky Kara tabard. It all started to work for us when the pattern for a Soulcloth Vest dropped early (congrats to Nefernetcher), but continued when we downed Moroes and he finally dropped the formula for Enchant Weapon: Mongoose.

It'll be great to finally help out the raid with a rare, high-level enchant. Now, I'd just like to see Sunfire and Soulfrost drop off of Illhoof and Aran...

However, this now forces me to finish work on my Runed Eternium Rod. I've collected the Eternium Rod, the Void Crystals, and most of the Planar Essences, but the Primal Mights are once again giving me problems. It's tough to spend 100g on each of them. I've bought one, and will buy the other three when I see a deal on them, but it's just tough to drop that kind of cash when I'm saving up for my epic flying skill (just about half way there).

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