Nov 29, 2007

Last night, after my dailies, I enlisted the help of Harkor and Llyr to obtain my Crescent Key. We quickly cleared through Dire Maul as necessary and Pusillin was no match for us. With my new key in hand, I entered Dire Maul north and starting killing ogres until the Gordok Shackle Key dropped. I then happened upon a kind goblin named Knot Thimblejack who was being held by the ogres. Before I released him, he offered to teach me how to make a Gordok Ogre Suit. I thanked him for the information and released him from his chains. Apparently, even while chained to the floor in this remote part of Azeroth, he had still managed to collect some precious items, which he gave me in exchange for his release. One of the items within his cache was the Ogre Tannin required to make my own ogre suit! I quickly gathered up the necessary items from my pack, sat down, and used my skills to create a disguise that makes me look exactly like one of the Gordok ogres.

However, after donning the ogre suit, I became greedy and wanted to get some more ogre tannin for another suit. I figured, dressed as a Gordok ogre, the other Gordoks wouldn't attack me. Boy was I wrong. They not only attacked me, they beat me to a pulp after catching up with me following my frost nova and blink. After waiting a while, I decided to go back into Dire Maul to see what Knot was up to this time. And lo and behold, there he was, captured again! However, after killing countless ogres for well over an hour, I was unable to find the one ogre that was carrying the keys to Knot's shackles. I plan on venturing back inside Dire Maul later today, because, besides wanting to free Knot, I have heard rumors that Knot occasionally comes across a tailoring pattern he does not need. A tailoring pattern I would very much like to have.

It may take me a while, but eventually I will get the patterns for Mooncloth Gloves, Cloak of Warding, Felcloth Gloves, Inferno Gloves, and last, but certainly not least, the Belt of the Archmage. All these patterns cannot be found anywhere else other than Knot's cache and they cannot be traded once found. The only way for me to learn these patterns is to find them in his cache. Unfortunately, I have realized that I might need to kill the guards rather than the regular Gordok Ogres as they have a much higher chance of carrying the key to release Knot. And I found out last night I cannot kill the guards by myself because they cannot be held in place by my frost nova, nor will they be disoriented by my Dragon's Breath. Perhaps I will have to find someone as bored as me to help out with some Knot Thimblejack runs.

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