Oct 19, 2007

Today should be an interesting day for me. Last night, my comrades and I were finally able to defeat the malevolent Prince Malchezaar living above the tower in Karazhan. After defeating him and further earning the respect of the Dalaran archmages, we proceeded on towards Terestian Illhoof. But before then, Harkor requested I utilize my pony keg and I proceeded to get a little drunk.

After killing Illhoof and his annoying minions, we decided to summon Nightbane. Not a good idea. He made quick work of us and we decided to call it a night. It was yet another fruitful night as we defeated two enemies that had previously eluded us. It brings conclusion to a fruitful week that started a few days ago with the killing of Attumen, Moroes, The Maiden, Romulo and Julianne, The Curator, and the Shade of Aran.

Congratulations to Legionaire, winner of a beautiful new Nathrezim Mindblade. Brees was also the big winner on the night finding her Tier 4 helm dropping from the Prince in the form of the Justicar Diadem.

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